About ICE Singapore

ICE or the Intercontinental Exchange is one of the biggest groups of exchanges under a single umbrella that allows traders and investors to access a spectrum of financial products.

In collaboration with Orient Futures, ICE intends to expand its presence and access to major exchanges globally. Hence, ICE Singapore provides a stellar platform in a variety of markets.

These include energy products, currencies, commodities, and most recently, exciting digital crypto assets such as bitcoin. Approved by MAS and operating in Singapore since 2015, ICE Singapore specifically has products that are tailored for the Asian market that goes beyond trading the Asian hours.

ICE Singapore provides regulated futures trading tailored for Asia which includes customised equity derivative futures, energy futures, and popular Forex pairs commonly traded in Singapore, China and Asia.

This allows traders both in Asia and internationally to look into exciting avenues to trade and hedge apart from the traditional western or Chinese exchanges. This helps investors to access highly specific products to take advantage of directional or arbitrage trading opportunities - all right here at home in Singapore! 

6 Things You Must Know About ICE Singapore

1. History Of ICE Futures Singapore

Since 2015, ICE Singapore was set up to specifically help traders during the Asian hours to access global benchmarks across digital assets, FX and energy contracts.

But in addition to just offering a wide range of products to hedge against different types of risk, ICE Futures Singapore also provides mini-futures contracts that allow traders and smaller firms better exposure to the financial markets. These trade options include currency futures, energy futures and equity futures as well. 

2. Access & Trade Digital Assets

If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies using futures contracts, then ICE Futures Singapore will allow you access to trade Bitcoin futures. The Bakkt ® Bitcoin (USD) Cash Settled Monthly Futures is a cash-settled monthly future for bitcoin.

The contract is in denominations of 1 Bitcoin.

Apart from just cash-settled contracts, traders or investors can look forward to the actual delivery of the bitcoin through the standard monthly futures contracts, whichentails delivery to the Bakkt Exchange.

Traders can also look to trade bitcoin options to further access leveraged opportunities.

3. Trade Across Forex Contracts

When it comes to Forex rates and interest rates trading, ICE Singapore provides a spectrum of futures contracts that allows you access to trade unique currency pairs.

These include - Mini USD/SGD, USD/SGD(Full-Size), Mini USD/CNH, Mini CNY/USD, Mini HKD/USD, Mini TWD/USD, Mini KRW/USD, Mini THB/USD, Mini PHP/USD, Mini MYR/USD, Mini IDR/USD.

In addition, traders can gain exposure to the US Dollar Index Futures through the Mini US Dollar Index Futures, allowing investors to speculate and hedge their currency positions based on the strength of the dollar as it strengthens or weakens. 

4. Trade Energy Contracts

For energy traders in Singapore, Asia, and beyond, they can now access crude oil futures through ICE Singapore.

ICE Singapore offers mini Brent Crude Futures. Brent is ICE’S flagship contract and the mini future allows traders to access opportunities via a contract that is 10 times smaller than the main contract size of 100 barrels per lot. Around 80% of the world’s crude oil production is priced using the Brent mechanism.

Traders can access the Mini Brent Crude Futures (100 BBL), Mini Low Sulphur Gasoil Futures (10mt) and the Mini WTI Crude Futures (100 BBL). This helps traders to access the entire spectrum of crude futures, allowing for complex trading strategies or just gaining broad exposure to energy.

5. Trade Across Equity Derivatives

Through ICE Singapore, traders will be able to access both the Asian and international equity indices for better trading opportunities.

These include the Micro Asia Tech 30 Index Futures, Micro MSCI Europe Index Futures as well as the Micro MSCI USA Index Futures.

Traders will be able to trade standardised futures contracts for European and US equities during Asian trading hours and gain exposure with minimal upfront deposit and a contract value of just $20,000 (as of October 7, 2021). 

6. Unique Features Of Trading With ICE

Through ICE Singapore, traders will enjoy zero membership fees, lower margins, zero market data fees, flexibility through micro and mini-sized contracts as well as a wide range of futures products.

Additionally, traders in Singapore and Asia will be able to trade during ‘Asian’ hours which start from 8 am.

Traders will be able to gain unique exposure to cryptocurrency trading as well as access to Asian technology stocks across multiple Asian markets all through a single contract.

Access ICE Singapore With Orient Futures Today

At Orient Futures, we provide traders and hedgers with access to the international futures market including the ICE Singapore exchange.

We are a member of ICE Singapore and can grant traders both local and international access to the futures market. With us, you can enjoy direct access to trading, clearing and settlement.

In addition, we are an official MAS regulated broker as well as an official overseas intermediary, allowing traders to access a spectrum of futures and options in Chinese exchanges including the INE, DCE and ZCE.