How To Trade From Overseas?

Firstly, to trade, overseas Investors can open a trading account through an overseas intermediary such as Orient Futures International (Singapore).

Overseas intermediaries refer to the registered overseas broker who provides internationalized futures market trading.

Subsequently, upon setting up a trading account, to trade from overseas (for example, from Europe to the Chinese market), look for the internationalised products offered by the Chinese exchanges here

What Are The Services Available?

Orient Futures International (Singapore) offers client services such as 24-Hour Omni-channel support, fully digital onboarding, and a real-time client portal.

  1. 24-hour customer service that will ensure faster resolution of client inquiries. Reach out to use whenever and wherever you are through WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook messenger, Eikon, Web widget, Voice, E-mail, or our Live Agents


  1. Digital Onboarding and integrative view of client profile via the CRM system to provide personalized services for portfolio allocation and modelling. Additionally, for retail investors, we provide intelligent KYC within minutes and non-face-to-face verification.


  1. Modular systems that are easily integrated by application programming interface (APIs) and scalable to offer customized solutions for a wide spectrum of clients.


How Do I Know If My Funds Are Safe?


The funds invested into our firm are stored and managed separately for safeguarding customer margins.

This is in line with the regulations by MAS, which ensure that the money of retail clients is kept safe in the event of a broker collapse or liquidation.

Apart from the initial separate management of customer investments and funds, Orient Future International (Singapore) is also managed by China regulatory regulations such as as CSRC, CFMMC, and CFA.

These organizations make a series of self-disciplinary rules that the members shall abide by. They also supervise the behavior of members and manage the future company employees’ practice qualifications.


Strengths Of Our Services And Platform 

Other than the methods of trade and available platforms, traders also value fast and efficient access to the platforms provided.

To provide the best services, Orient Future International Singapore also uses co-location, which offers access and hosting services for trading platforms.

The strengths of co-location are that it is ideal for trading participants who require the fastest possible access to the Exchange’s trading platform. It is currently offered to the High-Frequency Trading (HFT) clients at the data centres of SGX, JPX, CME, and Chinese Exchanges.

Other strengths of co-location include:

Swift access to the exchange trading and market data engines

Ultra-high bandwidth, and capacity for seamless data transfer between exchange trading and market data engines.

Interconnect within the ecosystem for access to multiple trading venues, carriers, and service providers

Multiple tiers of services to cater to diverse hosting requirements of financial institutions.


What Is In The Future’s Market?

The future market is constantly evolving and internationalizing.

We anticipate more futures from Chinese Exchanges to become available through our services such as soybean oil and palm oil futures.

As of 2022, we offer both china exchanges and international exchanges to global traders.

Trade in the market now with access to the full list of available options here.      


Get Started & Trade The Forex Market With Orient Futures

At Orient Futures, we hold a CMS license from MAS and are an official MAS-regulated broker that you can depend on for our stability and credibility for your Forex trading needs.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a safe and superior trading experience in the Forex market.

You can start trading from as low as USD $2,000 and enjoy tight spreads with zero commissions.

Coupled with ultra-low latency trading conditions and tier-1 liquidity, you can now trade with instant execution and start capturing opportunities in the world’s biggest market! 



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