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Institutional services

Leveraging the power of long-established relationships with major liquidity providers, and sophisticated technology providers, Orient Futures Singapore gives institutional investors a competitive edge in the global capital market.

Your Partner for Growth

Liquidity and spreads with prices derived from Tier 1 institutions.

Bespoke liquidity, pricing and execution analytics for client flows.

From onboarding and integration to back office and reporting.

Experienced team to help your business get started quickly.

Free consultancy and assistance with integration and set-up.

Our solution for clients in the world’s FX hub.

As Singapore forges ahead with its plans to advance its FX industry, interconnection quality and technology are vital edges in trading. Orient Futures Singapore plays an active role in this ecosystem by offering leading-edge interconnectivity and innovative e-trading solutions.

Innovative e-trading solutions

  • Improved user experience in trading and execution via a secure and reliable platform.
  • Almost instantaneous reporting and position monitoring across multiple accounts that are.

Close to zero latency

  • SG1 and SGX co-location data centres.
  • Better price discovery in both OTC forex and forex derivatives offered by SGX (where we are a full clearing member of SGX-Derivatives Clearing).

Why Orient Futures Singapore?

Trusted and regulated

We are licenced by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), so our processes conform to high regulatory standards.

Invested in your success

We are interested in our clients’ success, because we believe in long term relationships.

Strong heritage

Since 1998 the Orient group has been at the forefront of the industry, offering premium financial services.

Awards and Recognition

Platinum award of outstanding member conferred by CFFEX (The China Financial Futures Exchange).

China Futures Company Gold Management Team in 2017-2019 (10th and 11th Contest for The Best Futures Institutions & Analysts in China)

Gold Service Award in 2018 (15th and 16th Financial Billboard)

Gold Futures Company in 2018 & 2019 (Securities Times)

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