Onboarding and Required Document


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Please have the supporting documents ready before proceeding to apply for your account. You may arrange an appointment with us to certify true copies of your documents onsite.


Account Type: Individual / Joint


Required Documents
  • NRIC / National ID / Passport (with at least 6 months validity) 
  • Proof of Residential Address (dated within latest 3 months)
    • NRIC / National ID or
    • Utility Bill or
    • Bank Statement
  • Proof of Mailing Address (if different from residential address, dated within latest 3 months)
    • Utility Bill or
    • Bank Statement
  • Proof of Bank Ownership (showing applicant’s name and bank account number)
    • Chinese nationality client is required to provide their Offshore Bank Account details.
    • Bank Statement or
    • Bank Book
  • Proof of financial status for applicant who wish to opt in as Expert or Accredited Investor (whichever applicable, based on opt in reason)

Accredited Investor

  • Copy of latest income tax assessment
  • Copy of employment contract stating your position and income
  • Copy of payslip
  • Copy of title deed for properites and valuation report from publicly available source by reputabe authority
  • Copy of latest statement of holdings from brokerage firm(s)
  • Copy of latest bank account statement or social security statement

Expert Investor  (any of the below)

  • HR Letter
  • Latest 6 months Trading Statements


  • 国家身份证 / 护照 (有效期至少为六个月)
  • 住址地址证明文件 (最近三个月内)
    • 国家身份证或
    • 公用服务单据(水费或电费)或
    • 银行帐单
  • 通讯地址证明文件 (如与住址地址不同) (最近三个月内)
    • 公用服务单据(水费或电费)或
    • 银行帐单
  •  银行户口证明
    • 中国国籍客户必须提供其离岸银行帐户详细信息。
    • 银行月结单或
    • 存折
  • 希望在专家或认可投资者状态下开户的申请人的财务状况证明(以适用者为准,基于选择理由


  • 最新所得税评估的副本
  • 雇佣合同副本,说明您的职位合收入
  • 工资单副本
  • 物业和估价报告的业权证书副本或,代替估值报告,根据知名机构发布的公开数据,最新的房地产交易价格
  • 最近从经纪公司持有的资产负债表
  • 最新银行帐户对帐单或社会保障对帐单的副本

专家投资者  (提供以下其中的文件)

  • 来自公司的人力资源部门的确认信
  • 最近六个月的交易对账单



Account Type: Corporate

Required Documents
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association (MAA)**
  • Company Search Report ie ACRA* (Dated within 3 months from application)
  • Register of Member* (for foreign entity)
  • Register of Director* (for foreign entity)
  • Board Resolution, stipulating opening of account, the list of authorized personnel and all specimen signatures. 
    • Board resolution must be certified by two Directors or one Director and Company Secretary.
  • Corporate Structure and Particulars of Beneficial Owners1**
    • If beneficial owner is a natural person: Copy of NRIC/National ID/Passport
    • If beneficial owner is a corporate entity: Copy of Company Search Report
  • ID document of Director, Authorised Personnel and Beneficial Owners
    • NRIC / National ID / Passport (with at least 6 months validity) 
  • Beneficial Owners Proof of address (dated within latest 3 months)
    • NRIC / National ID or
    • Utility Bill or
    • Bank Statement
  • Latest Financial Report**
  • Proof of financial status for applicant who wish to opt in as Expert or Accredited Investor** (whichever applicable, based on opt in reason)

Expert Investor (any of the below)

  • Trading member confirmation letter from SGX/other exchanges 
  • Latest  6 months Trading Statements
  • ACRA report or equivalent document that indicates business involves acquisition and disposal, or the holding, of capital market products, whether as principal (including customers whose business is in proprietary trading of capital markets' products) 

Accredited Investor (any of the below)

  • Copy of the Corporation’s most recent audited balance-sheet
  • Copy of the Corporation’s balance-sheet that is certified by the Chief Financial Officer or an executive director (to be dated within no earlier than twelve (12) months before the date of submitting this form).
  • Copy of the Applicant’s business profile or declaration of the Applicant’s shareholding structure AND Completed Appendix 5 with supporting documents for each shareholder

Additional Documents for Tax Haven Countries

  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Certificate of Good Standing (Dated within 1 month from application)

 1Beneficial Owners who own 10% or more of the shares or voting rights or other equivalent of the Applicant. 

*All supporting document(s) are to be certified true copies. A certifier must be qualified person such as a Lawyer, Notary Public, Chartered Accountant, Member of the Judiciary, Embassy, Consulate or High Commission of the country of issue of the documentary evidence of Identity or staff of Orient Futures International (Singapore).

**Certified by Company Director

  • 公司注册证书*
  • 组织大纲和章程**
  • 公司检索报告* (最近三个月内)
  • 会员登记*(对于外国实体)
  • 董事登记*(对于外国实体)
  • 董事会决议,规定账户开立,被授权人员名单和所有签名
    • 董事会决议必须由两名董事或一名董事和公司秘书证明。
  •  公司结构和受益所有人1的详情**
    • 若实益拥有人是自然人:国家身份证 / 护照 (有效期至少为六个月)
    • 若实益拥有人是公司实体:公司检索报告
  • 董事,被授权人员和受益所有人的身份证件*
    • 国家身份证 / 护照 (有效期至少为六个月)
  • 受益所有人的住址地址证明文件 (最近三个月内)*
    • 国家身份证或
    • 公用服务单据(水费或电费)或
    • 银行帐单
  • 最新财务报告**
  • 希望在专家或认可投资者状态下开户的申请人的财务状况证明**以适用者为准,基于选择理由

专家投资者 (提供以下其中的文件)

  • 从新加坡交易所或其他交易所的确认函
  • 最近六个月内的交易对账单
  • ACRA报告或表明业务涉及在收购和处置, 或持有, 资本市场产品, 无论是委托人还是代理人. (包括在资本市场产品的自营交易的企业)的等效文件

认可投资者 (提供以下其中的文件)

  • 公司最近的经审计资产负债表的副本
  • 公司资产负债表的副本,该副本易、己得到首席财务官或执行董事的证明,能够真实,公正地反映截至资产负债表日期的状況(日期不得早于12个月)在提交此表格之前)
  • 申请人的股份结构的商业概況或声明的副本; 对于申请人中的每个股份持有人,均己正确填写并签署了《合格认可投资者》表格以及其中要求的证明文件



  • 公司现任董事在职证明书
  • 存续证明书(信誉良好证明书)(最近一个月内)





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