DCE started trading RBD Palm Olein futures

DCE (Dalian Commodity Exchange) started trading RBD Palm Olein futures on 22 December


This is the latest internationalised futures contract from China. Given that China is the second largest consumer of palm oil, this is also a much-anticipated contract to be internationalised.

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Some frequently asked questions: 


1.    What’s RBD Palm Olein Futures Internationalization?
DCE RBD palm olein futures internationalization refers to the scheme arrangement by DCE introducing overseas traders to participate in the DCE RBD palm olein futures trading while keeping current domestic RBD palm olein futures contracts unchanged.

2.    How to participate as an overseas trader?
There are two routes available for overseas traders to participate: (i) to directly participate in trading through a domestic futures company; and (ii) to participate in trading through an overseas broker entrusted by a domestic futures company.

3.    What’s the settlement currency of RBD palm olein futures?
RBD palm olein futures trading is priced and settled with RMB. The settlement of transaction profit or loss, commission fees and delivery payment shall be completed in RMB.


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