What are the standards we want to set as benchmarks in the industry? What do we want to stand out for?


Collaborating with partners

We collaborate with customers and using innovative technology to enhance customer experience. The world is not short of disruptors these days; everywhere you turn, someone is talking about wanting to disrupt an industry. But what is the value of disruption if it only disrupts and displaces other players? At Orient Futures Singapore, we are all about building a collaborative ecosystem where everyone wins. Is it possible? We believe that collaborative disruption is the way for our future.


Leveraging on data

Leveraging on data to generate actionable business insights to strengthen our business ecosystem. Big data is everywhere in the world today, but what is data without insights? With our system architecture, and comprehensive big data analysis, so you can have a holistic view of the world markets. Data analytics helps us better manage our clients’ risk profiles. Back testing on historical data and analytical insights from financial data to help clients make better decisions.


Sealess client experience

Providing a seamless client experience that is intuitive and convenient. Our client onboarding is quick, hassle –free and paperless (hence saving the environment too).  You can access most requests online via our user-friendly client portal, including trade allocation, order cancellation, funds management.


Relating with clients

Relating with clients and solving their issues first, thereby building trust and confidence within our relationships. Going hi-tech does not eliminate, but rather enhances the human touch. Technology enables us to be freed from routine processes in order to be more focused on our client’s needs, to serve them even better. In dealing with clients, we adhere to transparency and strict regulations. Client can trade with peace of mind knowing their’s funds are held in segregated accounts.


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