We are pleased to announce that Orient Futures International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“Orient Futures Singapore”) is the first Chinese-backed brokerage firm to be granted as a Clearing Member of ICE Futures Singapore with effective from 17 May 2022.

“Backed by Shanghai Orient Securities Co., Ltd. and Orient Futures Co., Ltd., one of the largest Chinese brokerage firms in China, Orient Futures Singapore is the international arm of Shanghai Orient Futures, providing clients direct access to the Chinese markets and beyond,” said Mr Marcus Goi, CEO, Orient Futures Singapore. “Being a member of ICE Futures Singapore is testament to our commitment to our clients to broaden our offerings and to serve their diversified needs. Through ICE membership, clients can be assured that we will continue to leverage on technology to streamline our processes, shorten processing time and provide top-notch services to every trader. Leveraging on this membership, we aspire to reach out to more market participants in the region to deliver a seamless trading experience.”

Mr Lucas Schmeddes, President, ICE Futures Singapore, said, “We founded ICE Futures Singapore with the vision to provide a platform to connect regional and international participants in Asia and provide access to global markets,” “With the addition of Orient Futures Singapore, Singapore’s derivatives market is becoming more connected and accessible.”

ICE has had a presence in Singapore for over two decades and launched ICE Futures Singapore in 2015 as an approved exchange under the oversight of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. ICE Futures Singapore is a registered Foreign Board of Trade (FBOT) in the United States under the CFTC. ICE Futures Singapore also offers regulated bitcoin trading through ICE’s Bakkt® Bitcoin (USD) Cash Settled Futures. Other markets available to trade include Mini U.S. Dollar Index® futures, Micro Asia Tech 30 Index futures, Micro MSCI USA and MSCI Europe Index futures, Mini US Dollar/Offshore Renminbi, and Mini US Dollar/Singapore Dollar futures. To be accessible to the widest range of investors, ICE Futures Singapore does not charge membership or market data fees.

“Orient Futures Singapore will continue to expand our presence and access to major exchanges globally,” added Mr Goi. “By integrating our front to back-end systems and leveraging on automation and digital technology, we strive to build a dependable global trading network and interoperable trading systems to respond quickly to customers’ demands and financial needs. Together with global coverage of major exchanges, including China, we foresee huge cooperation potential and opportunities for our existing and potential clients.”

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