How are we harnessing technology to provide premium financial services?


We are continually enhancing our client portal to serve our clients better. With our current client portal technology, our clients are enjoying the following:

- Fast onboarding via web and mobile, 24 x 7 (no printing of documents needed).

- Trading platform application for different exchanges and products.

- Convenient online submission of requests.

- Fuss-free updating of personal particulars (no paper forms needed).

- Single view of the latest news and updates at one place.


In the coming months, our clients can expect more self-service functions available to enable efficient trade and order management:

- Real-time view of trade information

- Self-service trade allocation

- Self-service order cancellation and many more.


We are excited to bring these conveniences to you and share the benefits that we can reap from using technologies to empower You, our clients to trade smarter.

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